“It’s all about enchantment. In everything I do, I am trying to transport you to exotic faraway places, to beautiful new worlds. It’s the romance of adventure, the charm of discovering something new, the remembrance of things past…

My latest fragrance Fantasia speaks to the dreams and aspirations we had as children, that remain with us somewhere down deep, even as adults. My muse for Fantasia may be a little bit of a rebel on the inside… But she uses seduction to get what she wants! Fantasia is the perfect vehicle for this... It fills the air with color, magic and imagination!”


She is a contradiction, with a mind of her own! All sugar and spice and everything nice! Just fun and happiness, with an effusive zest for life.

Even in her sweetest dreams, she gives a Rock ‘n‘ Roll edge to her castle in the sky. In her world, not everything is innocence, there is always an undercurrent of something wilder. She has her own personality, but is never caught in a singular stereotype. She has her own look, but can transform at will, always keeping them guessing with her playful unpredictability.

Anna Sui’s new fragrance fills her world with colors: a little sweet, a little spicy, a little sexy too! Life is a fascinating extravaganza for her, full of never ending joy in the world of Anna Sui: Pop Glamour with a touch of Alice in Wonderland.

Give life a kiss!


Anna Sui invites you on a carousel ride! Hop onto a magical unicorn and escape the daily routine off into a fairytale wonderland. As is Anna’s style, the ad visual is unexpected, playful and a little mysterious.
Shot by Steven Meisel and featuring model Willow Hand, the Fantasia magic comes to life in a colorful and joyful ad campaign. We are invited to dream about new adventures!


Fantasia’s faceted glass bottle is feminine and elegant, yet playful. The bottle is topped with a precious Gold Unicorn that transports us into Anna’s magical world.

As a universal sign of beauty and a symbol of purity and grace, the unicorn embodies the beauty and mystery of Anna’s world.

Surrounded by a gilded rainbow of stars and flowers, a Unicorn at the center of the décor sets the tone: this fragrance has magical powers. The dreamy light blue box encapsulates Anna Sui’s wonderland of brilliance, style and endless fantasy.


A new olfactory signature for the brand, the Woody Fruity Floral scent promises sensuality and femininity with a hint of mystery.

The idea was to create a new signature scent in the fantastical realm of romantic mystery that layers in effervescence and optimism, with a pink pomelo potion and spicy pink pepper on the top.

The heart is a beautiful floral bouquet with a delicious raspberry praline note to contrast the sparkling top, and to add a brushstroke of just the right touch of playful addictiveness and femininity.

Golden cypress and Himalayan cedar wood add an extravaganza of woodsy freshness. The creation is spellbinding, modern and playful.


30ml Eau de Toilette / 50ml Eau de Toilette / 75ml Eau de Toilette

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