"Fairy Dance is a shimmering, warm, seductive fragrance. The ultimate celebration of joy, freedom radiance and infinite possibilities…
all imagined within an enchanted fairytale garden."


Escaping into a fantasy garden where Fairies flit and dance, I imagine a happy place, shimmering with sunlight and fun. Pink roses bloom all around, magical butterflies dart in and out of rainbows, music is in the air.

My girlfriends and I join the fairies in the dance, and it is like dreaming with your whole body. We feel girly and giggly, playful and carefree.

Every wish will be granted, every secret will be shared. If we ever leave this enchanted place, we will keep the joy and beauty with us…until we return!!


A voluptuous shape, round in the hand, elegant on the vanity. This all-new flacon captures the three-sided dimples of the original Secret Wish bottle, with the fairy perched on top, but it is curvier, smoother, and definitely luxurious.

The precious potion radiates from within, a soft peachy juice that captures the sunlight of the garden.


Imagine a sunny afternoon in an enchanted rose garden. The warmth of the sun. The rosy/fruity smell of the air. The deeper, delicious scent of the forest just beyond.

Fairy Dance opens with sparkling top notes of Tangerine, Mango and Pink Pepper, surprising the senses at every turn.

At its heart, there is the rose, always the rose, Anna Sui's favorite flower. Balanced by Peony and Bamboo, it creates a fresh, radiant warmth.

Sandalwood, Vetiver and Vanilla form the base notes, yielding surprising seduction to a fragrance that is playful, fun, and magical!


TOP: Tangerine, Mango, Pink Pepper
HEART: Fresh Rose, Peony, Bamboo
BASE: Sandalwood, Vetiver, Vanilla


30ml Eau de Toilette
50ml Eau de Toilette
75ml Eau de Toilette