"I'm an explorer, constantly intrigued and inspired by the beauty of foreign cultures. I've always felt that everything new is exciting, and I love to experience that moment of inspiration that changes you forever. But there is another kind of exploration that begins in the soul. It's kind of like mind-traveling, where you discover who you are and blossom, finally, into your true self. This is quite an adventure for a young woman, a powerful awakening. My newest fragrance is about just that moment."


"The Enchantment of Discovery"
A dream unlocks many doors to the soul, expanding the senses to irresistible possibilities. There are so many things to try and explore, so many ways to see into one's soul, so many ways to change. The dream is the surrounding, in which our senses awake.

Anna Sui's newest fragrance invites a girl-woman to take her open her eyes...and to emerge from a dream with self-assurance, beauty, and certainty.

Spread your wings and reach for the stars...Experience the enchantment of discovery!


Perched on top of the bottle stopper and embossed on the carton, the peacock is the perfect symbol for transformation, enticing a woman to follow her dreams.

The irresistible carton gleams with silvery touches on a radiant, sunny surface strewn with colorful blossoms. A tempting entrance to a dream world.

Once inside, the beveled rectangular flacon is topped with a radiant peacock in full plumage, in true Anna Sui style. The rich golden color of the juice is in perfect harmony with the carton, as a glow of luminous pink at the base of the bottle radiates upward, echoing the collar band. Together, both bottle and carton are a fantasy for the senses, promising luxury, elegance and adventure.


Radiant and embracing, luscious and young, the floral-fresh fragrance leads to a dream world where blossoms sparkle in the sun. It is exactly here that a young woman can discover her true self.

A delicious burst of Litchi, Yuzu and Java Lemon entices exploration . . . what can be next? The soft floralcy of Star Magnolia, Rose Blossom and sheer Purple Rain Freesia awakens the heart to delight, as a warm undercurrent of Amber Crystals, Skin Musk, and White Woods create a tranquil serenity, stirring feelings she hasn't felt before.

Exhilarating and emotional, Flight of Fancy makes the transformation complete.


TOP: Java Lemon, Yuzu, Litchi
HEART: Rose Blossom, Star Magnolia, Purple Rain Freesia,
BASE: White Woods Benzoin, Skin Musk, Amber Crystals


30ml Eau de Toilette
50ml Eau de Toilette
75ml Eau de Toilette