"We all have dreams and I believe we all have the ability to make those dreams happen. Magic Romance is about believing in the mystery of romance. Magic Romance is an evening of hearts and stars, a wish for love and seeking ones destiny, a world of moonlight and magic. So for me…I believe that the little girl in all of us likes to Believe in Dreams and Hope for our Prince Charming and Magic Romances fills both desires."


Anna Sui's Secret Wish Magic Romance takes the magic of the fairy kingdom into a new dimension.

It is even more mystical, imbued with a transforming power that makes things happen. Secret Wish Magic Romance addresses the desires of an evolving customer. She wants her dreams of love to come true. She is seeking her destiny, and she is returning, once again, to the magical enchantment of Anna Sui.

It is for a girl who begins to experience her heart's yearnings.

While Secret Wish celebrates the child in each of us who believes in magic, Secret Wish Magic Romance acknowledges the woman. Still playful, but with a budding sensuality. Still willing to believe in the fairytale, but actively seeking the happy ending. Without cannibalizing the joyful naivete of the original Secret Wish, Magic Romance turns fantasy wishes into dreams of desire.


Poof! You're Irresistible!
It is fairy dust that works the magic. Sparkling on the carton and bottle, captivating the customer at first glance. And the wielder of this magic potion is the Secret Wish fairy. No longer the sweet woodland sprite of the original fragrance, she is teasing, flirty, a little bit daring. Like the believer who seeks the wave of her wand, she knows the power of her charms.

And so she perches, surrounded by stars and hearts, on the carton, inviting those who wish a kiss to come under her spell. She sits atop the bottle, without any notion of protecting the potion as the original Secret Wish fairy did. No, she is on top of the bubble of romance, a shimmering, glistening orb that promises to grant your heart's desire. She will make it all happen. You need only to open the bottle to let the fairy dust work its mystical spell.

Fairy dust spills all over. It glistens and gleams, delighting the eyes in a dance of star power. The mystical sparkle is as easily interpreted as tiny fairy diamonds and sunrise dewdrops. The design of the bottle and carton has the magical power to transcend the seasons ? to fulfill dreams of desire at the most romantic times of the year.


Enchanting from the first note, the fragrance casts a powerful spell. Capturing the first blush of love with an opening of Bergamot, Sicilian Lemon and Melon, it unleashes the dizzying emotions that tumble, one after another, when one senses excitement. Bergamot strives to calm the soul, as crisp, clean lemon unblocks emotion. Melon adds a touch of refreshment and energy, stimulating the senses for what must surely follow.

The heart of the fragrance leads to a joyous abandon, as Orange Blossom lifts the spirit. Tuberose provides a sense of strengthening, and Queen of the Night Jasmine leads to pure fantasy. Finally, Lotus Blossom awakens and expands the soul. As the scent nears fruition, it returns to a calmer state. With Rosewood to rebalance, Coconut to add strengthening energy, Amber to soothe and provide a sense of freedom, frankness and openness. The accord never relinquishes its power to charm, as Musk adds a final note of irresistible sensuality.


TOP: Bergamot, Sicilian Lemon, Melon
HEART: Orange Blossom, Tuberose, Queen of the Night Jasmine, Lotus Blossom, Blackcurrant, Pineapple
BASE: Rosewood, Coconut, Amber, Musk


30ml Eau de Toilette