"Rock Me! Summer of Love is the easy, free-spirited fragrance I've always wanted to create! Everyone knows, I'm totally influenced by rock music. Of course there are very different types of rock ? and I love them all! This scent is for the rocker girl who has a softer indie-folk side. The mood is inspired the 1960's, which was such an amazing period for music, fashion and freedom. I think this fragrance is ideal for the Anna Sui girl who loves all facets of rock music. Wear "Rock Me! Summer of Love" during the day…then switch to the original "Rock Me!" for a night out on the town…they both complement each other!"


Have a sweet hippie summer as a rock & roll sweetheart!

Anna Sui's ROCK ME! SUMMER OF LOVE is for the brighter side of day. A beautiful, free-spirited fragrance for every girl who has a love song in her heart. It's all rock and roll with a feminine beat. Full of fantasy and romance. Soft, elegant, and sweet.

Be cute. Be sexy. Be free.


The outer carton sparkles with Anna Sui's own emblem of freedom, a beautiful butterfly.

Gilded and embossed symbols of peace, love, and music seem to float in space, as the carton degrades from pink to bright turquoise blue.

The flacon is the same guitar shape as the original Rock Me! bottle with butterfly wings embossing the glass, as the juice echoes the pink to blue transition of the carton.

Capped with the pink strings and frets of a guitar, it's sure to get a girl's heart singing!


Dreamy and soft, Rock Me! Summer of Love opens with optimistic, uplifting notes. The fresh beat of Bergamot combines with Blue Water Hyssop and Geranium, playing a chord that captures the heart.

Developing into an ultra-feminine, delicious elixir, White Peach and Freesia mingle with a Water Lily Accord, playfully tempting and soothing at the same time.

Backed up by the base of Musky Rose and Ambergris accords mixing with Sandalwood, the fragrance turns surprisingly seductive. It's a Summer of Love, after all!


TOP: Bergamot, Blue Water Hyssop, Geranium
HEART: White Peach, Freesia, Waterlily.
BASE: Musky Rose, Ambergris, Sandalwood


30ml Eau de Toilette
50ml Eau de Toilette
75ml Eau de Toilette